BTME - what a show

The annual show and training event at Harrogate is bigger than ever

It seems no time at all since last year, and this years event is bigger than ever, with exhibitors, training sessions, workshops and seminars.

Esi are really looking forward to the show and  

Reduced Insurance with environmental management

Major golf insurers in the UK see environmental management as a positive resulting in reduced premiums

Bluefin Sport, Circle Golf and Marsh, the main golf facility insurers, have all confirmed that having a formal environmental management systems (EMS) will potentially result in lower premiums for golf operators.

Tony Hanson from Esi said “A formal environmental management, like that provided by the ESI EMS, is likely reduce the likelihood and severity of any potential insurance claim”

Golf Sustainability Project

Esi have launched a project to identify the size, habitat and resource consumption of the golf sector.

The results are in.

The naturalised unmanaged area of land on golf clubs in England is……

670 Sq Km

"The Golf Sustainability project is an exciting initiative that can make a meaningful contribution to wildlife, to player experience and wider society“

Paul Wilkinson MCIEEM, Head of Partnerships

The Wisley, Goodwood GC and Wycombe Heights GC

October 2018 - Three more clubs have just received confirmation they have achieved GEO Certification following the surveys by Tony Hanson

Congratulations to The Wisley, Goodwood Golf Club and Wycombe Heights Golf Centre for achieving GEO Certification in October 2018.

All three clubs have undertaken fantastic projects resulting in improved sustainability, reduced operational costs and helping to change the old perception that golf is and nature cannot co-exist. Well done!

Woburn Golf Club

A positive response for the new 7th edition of the Esi EMS...

Gavin Sowden said “The main areas which we have benefited from using EMS have been recording all our chemical applications and output totals, this has now improved with the latest version recording stock levels and cost”

Gavin went on to say:

“Having all legal requirements listed and being able to delegate to members of staff across the club is also a great tool”