England Golf appoint Esi as an Approved supplier

Following the revision of the Greener Golf content we are pleased to announce approved supplier status.....

Esi’s appointment by England Golf is designed to help affiliated clubs improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and help clubs access a huge volume of free information and advice from NGO and charities.

Typically Esi reduce our clients operational costs by up to 30%, it is not a case of whether you can afford environmental management, but rather can you afford not to!

Bluefin Sport Insurance

Bluefin Sport back the ESI Environmental Management System

Bluefin Sport has continued it’s commitment to help clients risk management with an undertaking to cover the cost of the Esi Environmental Management System for clubs taking up their specialist golf club property and liability policy.

Bluefin’s success in the golf and sports sector over the last few years has been spectacular, and now their clients benefit from specialist environmental management.

Golf Sustainability Project

Esi have launched a project to identify the size, habitat and resource consumption of the golf sector.

Esi are working with BIGGA, England Golf and CMAE  to get enough information to help underline the benefits of golf, email me the area of your greens, tees and fairways and we will fo the rest - click here to find out why you should get involved.

"The Golf Sustainability project is an exciting initiative that can make a meaningful contribution to wildlife, to player experience and wider society“

Paul Wilkinson MCIEEM, Head of Partnerships

West Lancs GC achieve GEO standard

West Lancs GC has just received confirmation that they ave achieved GEO Certification following the survey by Tony Hanson

Congratulations to Stuart Hogg MG and everybody involved at West Lancs Golf Club on achieving GEO Certification.

Tony Hanson’s report is available on the Golf Environment Organization website highlighting the tremendous work they have undertaken on energy, water and natural environment.

Woburn Golf Club

Following the introduction of the Esi EMS, progress and the response is very positive.......

Woburn trial of the ESI EMS has been very positive, allowing legal requirements and sustainability to be consolidated with review and accountability.

Gavin Sowden said “It is a very useful tool and easy to manage, I think it’s a great way of keeping your records and delegating tasks.”