Esi EMS Natural environment

The Esi EMS helps you manage wider estate elements    

The Esi EMS will guide you through the process of accessing the key information you need to manage the natural environment, and help you responsibly anage and engage with the correct NGO’s and charities, and avoid falling foul of prosecution...


Knowing what species you have on site is a good starting point, especially protected species!

Specialist surveys and advice are available from Natural England,  The Wildlife Trusts, Peoples Trust for Endangered Species, Forestry Commission, Woodland Trust and others.   


Creating and managing habitat will protect and enhance bio-diversity aswell as your reputation.

Sympathetic management of woodland, grassland, heathland or wetlands will provide and encourage a diverse range of species all the way up to apex predators.

Benefits to your amenity grass areas by improving light, airflow and potentially reducing the need for pesticides.  

Turf management

Good management will reduce the need for expensive chemical intervention.

Much of the golf industry have detailed turf management programmes in place reducing the need and quantity of chemicals required. Outside golf there is still a dependence on chemicals, are you interested in the alternatives?   

Esi EMS - Natural environment

Esi have been working with a a number of NGO’s, Charities and academic organisations to help land owners to improve habitat management.


The golf sector already manages a significant areas of natural habitat benefiting  the wider community through improved air quality, delaying rain water run off, reducing air temperature and helping with CO2 sequestration. Managing the natural environment will benefit you and the wider community.


Esi can access free information and advice from:

Free advice, reduced operational costs and potential funding..........


The number of pests and diseases affecting native species is frightening.

Whether managing veteran trees, trees with TPO’s or UKBAP priority species tree management is essential.

Replanting programmes with climate change resistant species are more important than ever to ensure you maintain the nature of you grounds.