ESi offer consultancy covering single building, proposed development or a complete portfolio

Clients can use the Esi EMS to help them conduct a review of heating, cooling, lighting, water, waste and provide access to NGO’s to assist them.

Esi also offer specific targeted consultancy on operational areas required by clients.

Heating, cooling and lighting

The Esi EMS helps you review equipment controls and potential replacement with newer energy efficient units

The Esi EMS includes detailed information on the existing fixtures, fittings and plant and helps compare their performance with improved control, modification or replacement of your energy and water infrastructure.

Water -  use and reuse

Water stress and flood relief have become key issues for the leisure and residential sectors....

As part of the ESi EMS we help you identify quick fixes and longer term projects including rainwater and grey-water opportunities through to reservoir feasibility.  

Hazardous materials and waste

Clubs have to handle and store a significant amount of material that could damage the environment.

The Esi EMS will guide you through the legal requirements and best practice and includes an online resource including document libraries and information on your obligations.


The ESi EMS  helps clients identify energy and water consumption areas and have resulted in clients savings in excess of 25%

The  system will help you ensure legal compliance with hazardous materials, Incident Response Planning and waste handling.

Esi clients also benefit from a host of free advice from organisations like:

Energy consumption survey

ESi are conducting a study to determine a golf industry average energy consumption, contact Esi for more information.


Many corporate and society event organisers are seeking venues that mirror their own aspirations.

Independent review and reporting allows you to confirm the efforts you make to reduce your environmental impacts and legal compliance. Confirming GHG emissions and posting you plans to reduce CO2 shows a lead.