Do you know the habitats and species you have on your site and how they can affect your facility?

Creating a balance can provide benefits for the environment and for your course. By good management practices it is possible to improve your playing surfaces, reduce you turf grass inputs and improve biodiversity.


The use of potable water for irrigation is not sustainable and many facilities are seeking alternatives....

Water has been so readily available in the UK that sometimes we forget what a valuable resource it really is.  Many clubs have seen the benefit of installing their own reservoirs to ensure supply through the season as we experience heavy rainfall events followed by droughts.


The increased costs of energy over the last few years has brought consumption in to sharp focus...

On site consumption of gas and electricity is taking a greater share of income than ever before. Awareness of the levels of consumption and physical measures to improve efficiency must play there part is reducing emissions as is seeking renewable alternatives.

Supply chain


Can you influence your suppliers?

Encouraging your suppliers to find ways to reduce environmental impacts is becoming more common. Reducing the number of deliveries, finding local suppliers and reducing packaging will all play their part.    

Esi Certification providers...

Many clubs have already started the process of improving water, energy and turf input efficiency - this is not surprising given the difficulties encountered by many clubs over the past 4 or 5 years.


GEO OnCourse formalises that process and perhaps extends it to some areas that some clubs may not have considered.


The content of OnCourse is designed to allow any golf establishment to apply the criterion and review their operation, regardless of their size and complexity.


It’s open to all golf facilities everywhere, which have been open and operational for at least one year. This is designed to gain a benchmark of past resource use, while the format of the OnCourse report becomes an all-in-one place to record, monitor and ultimately promote sustainability activities with GEO Certified. Download the ESi GEO workbook spreadsheet to help you through the process step by step.   


Free seminars for clubs wanting to find out more about GEO onCourse are available - if you can coordinate 5 or 6 like minded clubs we can arrange a seminar for you. Contact us for more information.



Pollution control

Golf facilities hold stocks of fuel, oil, pesticides and herbicides......

Bunded storage, strong management , good training and forward planning could help prevent severe environmental damage resulting from sudden catastrophic loss of slow leaks.

How well prepared are you?

Planet Mark is the Eden Project endorsed environmental certification programme helping organisations to reduce their emissions, resource use and waste to landfill.


Established in 2006, the Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) provides independently verified certification.....




Finding your place …..

Working with your community and encourage access and sharing knowledge has provided benefits to all parties.

Local business meetings or community events can be hosted, local wildlife groups, schools colleges or universities all have a part to play in creating and maintaining community assets.