Welcome to Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions International (Esi) provide environmental management specialising in advice for commercial property, leisure and estates sectors.

Esi simply:

  • Ensure you comply with UK Governments Net Zero requirements for business
  • Comply with hazardous materials handling, storage and use – fuels, oils, pesticides and fertilisers.
  • Waste handing and recording.
  • Develop and manage Environmental Management Systems to ISO 14005, incorporating SECR, GHG Protocols, HM Governments 25 year Environment Plan.
  • Reduce your resource consumption
  • Identify your carbon sequestration
  • Create climate adaption plans to safeguard clients from changing availability of water, and fossil fuels.
  • Integrated water resilience projects working with the EA, water companies, Natural England, The Rivers Trust, Cranfield University and the Wildlife Trusts
  • Reducing unsustainable water use, improving flood resilience, improving water quality and ensuring client irrigation water for decades to come.
  • Reducing your operational costs, and creating an income for you from sustainability!

Bespoke consultancy services focusing on key issues facing our clients…

Reduce operational costs — Simple process to identify your energy and water consumption, highlight potential savings and automatically calculate paybacks

Ensure compliance — Simple legal compliance guide, checklist and compliance summary to highlight potential problem areas across hospitality and estates

Create additional income — The system will help to identify your onsite emissions and provide a balance against your C02 sequestration. This process will help you achieve net zero and Esi will help you create a stakeholder Carbon Offset programme helping you develop an income from your surplus onsite carbon sequestration.

Save time with the daily management tools for whole site management — year to date consumption of energy, waste,  pesticides, fertiliser, fuel and water use, reminders on abstraction license balance  of available water a single system to manage your whole site in one! 

What our clients say:

About the ESi Environmental Management System…

“The main benefits we have found from using the ESi EMS have been in recording our chemical applications and input totals, this has now improved with the 8th Edition that automatically records stock levels and cost.

Recording fuel usage has also been useful when budgeting and ordering, as we can look at previous months and see how much we have used historically. Having all the legal requirements listed, and being able to delegate monitoring and review to members of staff across the club is also a great tool.

Finally using the ESi EMS makes it easy to monitor our operations to ensure we meet all the requirements for GEO certification making environmental certification much easier”

Gavin Sowden, Health & safety and Golf course administrator – Woburn Golf Club

About consultancy services

“I have worked with Tony Hanson since 2012 on a variety of projects and I have always valued Tony’s input and analysis.

Tony and ESI approach all tasks with a high level of  professionalism and knowledge and I would have no  hesitation in recommending other golf clubs to use Tony. I find Tony’s comments and suggestions thought provoking and they challenge your operational methods. I have always strived to never accept the status quo and to look for ways to improve the golf clubs I run and Tony’s input has helped significantly in this approach.”

Howard Craft General Manager, Berkhamsted Golf Club

Research projects…

Golf Sustainability Project – land

ESi and Imperial College London developed a project to identify the land area covered by golf facilities in England, estimated the naturalised habitat and encouraged operators to reduce managed amenity grass – the estimate was that there are 670 Sq Km of naturalised, unmanaged habitat on golf courses…

around 50% of a golf course is naturalised habitat

“The Golf Sustainability project is an exciting initiative that can make a meaningful contribution to wildlife, to player experience and wider society“

Paul Wilkinson MCIEEM, Head of Partnerships