Environmental Management

The Esi Operational & Environmental Management helps our clients to:

Reduce operational costs – Simple process to identify your energy use across your entire site, this is particularly important to identify high consumption equipment, identify the alternatives, and automatically calculate the paybacks on capital investment. This system helps you create the priority projects for your site to maximise the return on investment.

Projects can be scheduled and categorised from zero cost stakeholder engagement to the replacement of plant and equipment.

Ensure compliance – The system provides a breadcrumb trail leading you through the complex process of risk assessment and linking the process to the Pollution Prevention advice from the Environment Agency. As you complete the document each stage is summarised in the simple legal compliance summary to highlight potential problem areas across hospitality and estates

Save time with the daily management tools for whole site management – year to date consumption of energy, waste,  pesticides, fertiliser, fuel and water use, reminders on abstraction license balance  of available water a single system to manage your whole site in one! 

Create additional income – The system will help to identify your onsite emissions and provide a balance against your C02 sequestration. This process will help you achieve net zero and Esi will help you create a stakeholder Carbon Offset programme helping you develop an income from your surplus onsite carbon sequestration.

Reducing your operational costs, ensuring compliance, reducing management time and creating an income.

Sustainability pays!